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In our struggle for fairer society WANG believes on community participation, we engage
community through participatory approach programs to raise awareness among them and to
highlight their role as civil society network, We strongly consider issue ownership by community as the first step towards solving the common issues of society, our community engagement programs engages communities in following programs, Drug Abuse Awareness campaigns, voter education , policy dialogues, political information, child education, small farmers issues, access to information, and other common issues of the society.

WANG partnered with Chanan Development Association for this  project. Which aims to improve understanding on democracy and strengthen the capacity of local civil society organizations particularly youth/women/religious minority led/focused organizations in 25 districts of Pakistan. The two years project will resume with a baseline survey in all selected districts to measure the understanding of CSOs about democracy followed by 200 Democracy Forums engaging 10,000 CSO members. 6 National ToTs will be organized to train 150 CS members as Master Trainers who will further train 5000 CS members on democracy through 200 workshops. 150 seed grants will be awarded to local CSOs for grassroots actions for democracy, while 4 bi-annual newsletters and 2 annual National CS Democracy Forums will be organized to promote grassroots practices to strengthen democracies. 2 Press conferences will also be organized to share the results of the project with media